CloudMade are global leaders in the design, development, and delivery of AI-enabled automotive innovations. As part of the multinational automotive supplier Valeo Group, CloudMade’s software solutions are used by the world’s top car makers. They focus on using the big data generated by connected cars to improve and personalize vehicle safety and comfort.

  • Integrated massive data sets to create self-learning auto solutions
  • Curated content via the cloud infrastructure to engage drivers
  • Developed predictive learning systems with contextual awareness
  • Provided a car and driver analytics package that fully empowers self-learning cars
  • Created the supporting cloud infrastructure and software development kit

The idea

CloudMade wanted to bring to market new safety applications and better mobility for connected cars and their infotainment systems. Their vision was to offer enhanced connected car solutions that included predictive destinations, content services and companion navigation.


Working together with the CloudMade team, we built a tech road map that would help them realise their vision. We then deployed a dedicated, full-time team of full-stack engineers and UX designers who worked on developing the infotainment, mobility and safety solutions CloudMade had envisioned.


“CloudMade’s success depends on our ability to rapidly launch new products that deliver real value to our customers and their end-users, and to continually innovate. The Star team provided the bridge between our business goals and the fruition of those goals.”

Nick Black, Co-founder, CloudMade

Project Scope

Service lines

Project management
Product management
Digital design
Software engineering
Quality assurance

Technology stack

Objective C, Java
java, python, scala


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